Fishing tour guide

Kevin Sepp

I have been fishing for my entire life. My first memory is fishing for pike with my brother at our lakeside home. We still used Nevsjaka rolls at the time. A lot has changed during the years and South-Estonian lakeside has become the sea, where I do most of my fishing. I spend a lot of time on the hunt for sea trout, but I also fish for pike and perch. I also enjoy exploring our Estonian rivers, which have many streams suitable for river trout. Most fishing locations are in a 100 km radius from Tallinn, but fishing trips also take us to the islands, like Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. During exploration I often find new fishing locations and socialize with other fishermen. I spend more than 200 days per year fishing, which allows me to have current knowledge about the best fishing spots and techniques according to season.

In addition to fishing I film video footage and write about my experiences. During the last years I have written articles to almost every issue of “Kalastaja” (“Fisherman”) magazine.

– I speak Estonian and English
– I have 27 years of spin fishing experience
– I love fishing and have respect for nature and fish